Artspire 2024 – La Crosse, WI

While the weather was stormy earlier in the day, the Lord opened a window after noontime, the sun shining, and the weather became perfect for preaching at Artspire 2024 in La Crosse, WI. I walked around the event around 20+ times, preaching the Truth, calling my neighbors out of the world to a new life in Christ. I was once an artist, so I shared my testimony and how the Lord made me a new creature, living for that which is eternal not the temporary. Gospel cards went out, mockers were avoided, Mormons were given the truth, and God was glorified this day. Check out the audios and videos of the event below, and check out Mormonism exposed here.

Scouting out the Artspire preach…

The Lord cleared up the skies, perfect preaching weather…

Walking through the entrance calling my neighbors to repentance…

Walked around the art fair many times today…

Entertainment is the god of America…

Drunk woman follows me around as I preach the Good News…

Strange pagan rituals, not of my Father…

Walking around the park, and recapping the preach…

Kind Security Guard Gives Me the Go-Ahead

Later on in the day I saw him again and thanked him for his service. The security was unbiased and allowed me to preach the Truth, even coming over to assist with the woman who was following me around (see video above).

Preaching 1

Wisdom Crieth Without (Proverbs 1:20-33)

Art Fair Man Receives Truth

This man approached me and called me brother, I offered him a Gospel card and tested his Gospel. He listened to much Truth and it looked like he was convicted by the things I talked about. Later on I saw him sitting at a fair table with other folks there, after I warned him about spending his time idle at the art fair.

Psalm 94:3-11

James 5:1-6

Group of Men and Mormons Receive Truth

While I talked with a father and son duo, more men walked up and listened to me preach what you hear in the audio. Eventually the Mormons walked up and politely stood off to the side while I preached. I approached them at the end because I love their soul, and told them they were outside of the Truth and I must mark and avoid them (Romans 16:17). Later on after listening to this audio, I realized I didn’t expound the whole Gospel to them, and the Lord opened another door later on to talk with them and explain the whole biblical Gospel, calling them out of their false, man-made religious system. During the final conversation, I had my brother talk with them for a while on a video call. They weren’t interested in seeking Truth about their false ways.

Preaching 2

Woman Filming Me Receives Truth

When this woman walked up, she asked a few questions with a phone camera pointed at me, and I could sense she was trying to bait a certain response as she asked about a pride event happening in a different part of the city. While I could’ve walked away right away, I thought it good to explain to the camera why I was out there, and the biblical love I was sharing with my neighbor. She received a Gospel card before I started the audio, and I left immediately after the audio ended.

Woman Commends My Calm Dealing with a Drunk Woman

This woman came up to me and commended how I handled the situation with the drunk woman (see the video above). She got a Gospel card, and an admonition to seek the Truth.

Witnessing Comments

Proverbs 6:12-19

Man Is Offended By the Truth

A man at the fair walked up as I was talking to a young man who took a Gospel card, and he began to ask questions, first rejecting the card, then taking it, then finally rejecting it. He agreed with me at the first, till I began to expose his sin.